Short courses for university graduates.


The Scholarships cover 100% of the Premium plan for one year.


You will have unlimited access to more than 700 specialized courses in engineering, construction, industry, energy, management, digital transformation, and more.


New OAS - IKLOX Scholarships 


The General Secretariat of The Organization of American States (GS/OAS) and Soluciones Integrales de Formación y Gestión (STRUCTURALIA) have decided to support outstanding individuals of the Americas with the sponsorship of 100% of the cost of the Premium subscription plan of STRUCTURALIA’s online course platform, IKLOX. This subscription includes:

600 cursos especializados

More than 700 specialized Courses

Access to more than 700 specialized courses in engineering, construction, industry, management, energy, and digital transformation.

fuente de conocimiento

Content constant update

Keep your knowledge up to date.

renovación de contenidos

The principal source for specialized content

Online content so you can consult anytime and anywhere you want.

herramienta de consulta

A powerful search tool for consulting

You will find all the knowledge you need in one subscription.


More than 73.000 pages of specialized material

For you to consult, anytime you want.


University certification

You will have the possibility to certify your training with a Master's Degree in cooperation with our associated universities.

Eligibility Requirements


Having a nationality and, or legal and permanent residency of any of the OAS Member States

Título Universitario

Having a University Degree in any engineering, architecture, infrastructure, etc. field or having up to date and proved professional experience and knowledge in these fields.

Admission Process dates


Final date to apply for admission

February 26, 2024


Announcement of results

INITIAL: February 12, 2024

FINAL: February 26, 2024

Classes start date

Between February 12 and March 1, 2024

Scholarship duration

February 12, 2024 - January 31, 2025

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Students in Structuralia since 2001

Euros en becas



Euros in scholarships for postgraduate studies

Becas disponibles

14 years of the OAS agreement

Scholarships available since 2010

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STRUCTURALIA is the global leader academy of specialized education in the fields of engineering, infrastructures, and energy. From 2001, more than 85,000 professionals have enrolled in one of its high-skilled training programs, advance programs, and masters with university qualifications.


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The OAS General Secretariat (GS/OAS) is the central and permanent organ of the Organization of American States (OAS). Through its Department of Human Development, Education and Employment (DHDEE), GS/OAS supports OAS member States in creating policies and executing programs that promote human capacity development at all educational levels.